The Centre of Competence Cultural Topographies is supported by the following organisational units of the University of Basel:

Faculty of Humanities:

Literature and Linguistics

  • Department of German Studies
  • Scandinavian Studies
  • Department of English Studies
  • Institute of French Literature and Linguistics
  • Department of Slavic Studies
  • Institute of Iberoromance Studies

Classical Studies

  • Department of Classical Philology
  • Department of Egyptology
  • Classical Archaeology

Historical Studies

  • Middle Ages and Renaissnche
  • History of the Early Modern Era
  • Modern History
  • Eastern European History

Social Sciences

  • Centre of Gender Studies
  • Department of Culture Studies and European Ethnology
  • Middle Eastern Studies
  • Institute of Sociology

Philosophy and Media Studies

  • Media Studies
  • Philosophy

Art History and Musicology

  • Art History
  • Musicology


Imaging & Media LabCentre of African Studies


Faculty of Theology and Faculty of Humanities

  • Department of Religion Studies
  • Centre for Jewish Studies
  • Theology


Faculty of Science

Environmental Studies

  • Institute of Geography: Social Geography, Urban and Regional Studies
  • Institute of Geography: Physical Geography and Environmental Change