The executive office of the Centre of Competence Cultural Topographies is located at the Department of English, University of Basel. The executive board is constituted of members of various departments and faculties of the University of Basel and is elected by the plenary meeting.

For further information please refer to the rules and regulations of the Centre of Competence Cultural Topographies.

The executive board was confirmed by the plenary at the inaugural meeting on March 12, 2009. 

Members of the executive board:

Prof. Dr. Thomas Grob, Slavic and General Literatures
Deputy: Prof. Dr. Alexander Honold, German Literature

Prof. Dr. Ina Habermann, English Literature since the Renaissance
Deputy: Prof. Dr. Susanne Bickel, Egyptology and Classic Studies

Dr. Barbara Piatti, Literature and Culture Studies
Deputy: vacant

Prof. Dr. Jacques Picard, General and Jewish History and the Culture of Modernity
Deputy: Prof. Dr. Barbara Schellewald, Medieval History of Art

Prof Dr. Benjamin Frithjof Schenk, Eastern European History
Deputy: vacant

Prof. Dr. Rita Schneider-Sliwa, Social Geography, Urban and Regional Studies
Deputy: Prof. Dr. Nikolaus J. Kuhn, Physical Geography

Chair: Prof. Dr. Ina Habermann

Executive office: Alex Van Lierde